The first Unity game I ever made, completed over a semester as part of an Intro to Development class. It's a tower defense game featuring one type of tower with three upgrades, three types of enemies, and ten waves to complete.

I was very inexperienced in that game, and it shows. I didn't know how to use the Unity canvas, so all text in the game are text mesh objects. The music and sound effects are somewhat unpleasant but it was a requirement that we make them ourselves. The game as a whole is very easy after the first few levels.

Despite this, I think there were good ideas that went into it. The way combinations of upgrades are reflected in the color of towers and the appearance of their projectiles works well. Specific upgrades are more effective against certain enemies, reflected both in their associated color and a minor sound detail (red enemies make a pinging noise when hit by towers without the red damage upgrade, to show that they're taking less damage). As a game, it's very basic, but as a first step I'm proud of it.

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